31 Songs

A chance to fiddle around with writing about music, which I haven’t done since the good old days.

An exercise in personal, impressionistic, as well as descriptive writing, that last being where art historians beat literary historians every time. To be updated periodically as time and inclination permit.

  1. The first record I bought: Elvis Presley, “Jailhouse Rock”
  2. Guitar solo:
  3. Title:
  4. On loudness: Chelsea Light Moving, “Burroughs”
  5. Reminds you of somewhere: Wilco, “Handshake Drugs”
  6. Cover version: Cat Power, “Yesterday is Here” (Tom Waits)
  7. A song with a name in the title:
  8. A song about travelling: Jackson Frank, “The Blues Run the Game”
  9. Siren songs:
  10. A song about a hat:
  11. A song about death: Wye Oak, “I Hope You Die”
  12. Favourite song from least favourite album:
  13. On interpretation: George Jones, “She Thinks I Still Care”
  14. An instrumental: Sigur Rós, “Untitled 8/Popplagið”
  15. Song from an album I liked less over time:
  16. A song about cities: John Cale, “Paris 1919”
  17. Song with a number in the title:
  18. Ending:
  19. A song that makes you laugh out loud:
  20. TV theme song:
  21. A song about the blues: Chastity Belt, “Joke”
  22. Live Song:
  23. Intro: British Sea Power, “Favours in the Beetroot Fields”
  24. Closer on an album:
  25. A song about music:
  26. Title alludes to a film:
  27. A song you disliked at first (but came to like):
  28. Guest appearance:
  29. A song about the weather:
  30. A song with a day of the week in the title:
  31. If I could choose just one: New Order, “Age of Consent”

Based on Dennis Duncan’s, who based his on Michael Whitworth’s. Spiritually indebted to Pushing Ahead of the Dame.